Protanopia p.7

I moved to New York in the spring of 2013. Amidst sublets, I rented a post office box at the corner of Church and Canal. It was a means of re-establishing my own space, albeit a very small one, in PO Box 1728.

A clean geometric shape. Creating a hollow wooden mailer from the box’s interior dimensions (designed and fabricated by Todd Jannausch), the negative space became positive. A practical block able to facilitate conversations exponentially larger than its small footprint (3" x 5 1/2" x 14 3/4").

The box has since traveled about the country in a series of exchanges. Past contents include holy dirt from New Mexico, an original melody composed in Brooklyn, sweetgrass native to Detroit, a paper kite inspired by Korean tradition, and an actual magic trick. Each exchange has generated conversations related to how we interact with place as well as the materials that symbolize connection.

2017 marks the launch of LAP Editions, an annual release taking the form of editioned texts and objects. The first edition, released in June and published by Small Editions, is a risograph-printed book titled Protanopia. The text, sourced from months of correspondence with Jae Song, was integrated with images into a book designed in collaboration with Corina Reynolds of Small Editions and printed on site at their Red Hook studio. The book is available for purchase here, also available at Small Editions

For those interested in further supporting and engaging with the project, year-long LAP subscriptions are available. In addition to receiving LAP Editions on an annual basis, each subscriber will be contacted by the artist to initiate a dialogue about place and material. The subsequent exchange(s) will inform the creation of a custom work to be sent to the subscriber within one year of enrollment.